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Prenatal Health & Nutrition Classes

90 min. - Learn to set healthy eating habits for optimal health for pre-pregnancy, during, and post

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Service Description

Prenatal Health and Nutrition serves as a vital component for individuals in preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum. Moreover as your baby grows and your pregnancy moves from trimester to trimester, so do your nutritional needs grow also. Do you have some burning questions about nutrition? Here’s the perfect class for you! "Our food should be our medicine, and our medicine should be our food. " – Hippocrates. Majority of expectant women in the United States do not meet the recommendations for a healthy nutritious diet before, during and after pregnancy. Therefore, they do not achieve fewer pregnancy complications or optimal child health. Discover how to achieve healthy beneficial nutrition, for a healthy pregnancy, baby, and postpartum journey. · Find out how to bust the myth of ‘eating for two’, regarding calories and portion sizes to achieve a healthy weight gain. By ‘Eating twice as often, eating half as much at a time, chewing twice as long, and taking twice the time to dine’. (William Sears MD and Martha Sears RN). · Gain valuable information on using nutritious dense foods, vitamins, and minerals as medicine to help reduce or alleviate common complaints of pregnancy, such as morning sickness, extreme nausea, indigestion, mood swings, headaches, back and joint pains, to achieve maximum energy and experience a smoother pregnancy. · Access information on how to improve your eating habits that can ‘shape the tastes of your baby’ in pregnancy, that will enable you to maintain them for and as a family and when the time has come to introduce solid foods. · Learn the benefits of good hydration, how fluids can aid or harm in pregnancy, from caffeine, alcohol, herbal teas, water/fruit infused water and smoothies. ‘What you don’t know can hurt you!’ Optimize your knowledge experience, become empowered, take control of your health for conception, pregnancy, postpartum and for your life, join us to help you on your nutritional pregnancy journey.

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Cancellation without refund. Please inquire about rescheduling options.

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