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Our mission is to help women/birthing people access accurate and up to date Childbirth Education information, that will ultimately enable them to make informed decisions about their care. Our aim is to work with teenagers, young adults, adults, and the older woman/birthing person of all communities to positively affect maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality by accessing quality education.

As it is heartbreakingly clear that Black women in America have more than a three times higher risk of death related to pregnancy and childbirth than their white peers, we believe that by gaining access and being exposed to evidence-based information about maternity care practices is a basic right. And not only a right but is imperative to the very survival of all communities, with emphasis on the survival of women/birthing people within the black and brown communities.

To support you on your journey, we offer an array of services including Health and Prenatal Nutrition Sessions, Childbirth Education Classes, Postpartum Planning, Parenting and Care of the Newborn Sessions, Mommy and Baby Groups and Well Woman Sessions.

For additional flexibility and support, we offer in person and Virtual Sessions. Additionally our tenured staff can tailor courses for Large Groups (max 30 attendees), Small Group, Private One on One and Couples.

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